The Nerdgasm Video Game Podcast Episode 2

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This is the second episode of the Nerdgasm podcast.  The fomat is a little different here.  We have four people sitting on the panel, including Josh and myself this time, so the discussion is pretty ramped up.  As Josh said in the previous post, it does kind of go off the rails a little bit near the end, and we just start talking about movies in general, but overall, this was a fun episode to record.

Note:   The audio quality on this episode isn’t quite as good as the last, mainly due to low powered microphones.  We had to turn the gain up in post production to be able to hear ourselves, and that resulted in a bit of fuzz in the background.  We are working to fix this in subsequent episodes.

General Episode Information:

Hosts:  Ryan, Josh, Darius, and Eric

Music:  Vanquish the Horrible Night by Powerglove and Special Stage from Sonic CD (JP/EU Version) by Naofumi Hataya & Masafumi Ogata

Topics:  Riot at Valve, Nintendo’s European Test Market, Terrible Video Game Movies and more.


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