The Nerdgasm Network Video Game Podcast Episode 3

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Howdy folks. We have here, episode 3 of the NNVGP. Josh and I recorded it tonight, and I ended up deciding to edit it and put it up early for your enjoyment.

General Episode Information:

Hosts: Ryan and Josh

Music: Dr. Wily’s Theme by Powerglove and Alien Breakdown by John Baker

Topics: Play Xenoblade NOW on your Wii, Bioware gets obvious with Mass Effect 3, Nerds are pissed at X-play, the effects of biased gaming journalism, and more.

Discussion Links:   Kotaku’s article on playing Xenoblade EU on your US Wii


2 thoughts on “The Nerdgasm Network Video Game Podcast Episode 3

  1. I think you’re link may not be working. There may be a problem with my browser though.

    Liked episode 1. If you get a chance, maybe you can check out my new podcast as well.

  2. Good episode guys! Seems like they get better and better! I’m looking forward to the TV and movie one for sure heh

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