Website Changes, New Podcasts, and Episode 3 of the NNVGP

There will be some changes coming down the pipe today with the website. I’ve found a better host for our mp3 files for the time being, so I’m going to transfer those over and then embed a new player into the episode posts.

Also, we are working on hammering out the details for a new show. If you listen to the NNVGP (Nerdgasm Network Video Game Podcast) Episode 2, you will notice that half of the discussion was based around video games, where as the other half was based around movies. While the episode was a lot of fun to record, we decided that it would serve best as two different shows. Because of that, we’ve decided to put together a show that is based around movies and television. We are working on setting up the format right now, and should start recording that show at some point in the near future. Keep and eye out for the Nerdgasm Network Movies and Television Podcast!

Finally, Josh and I are getting together this evening to record episode 3 of NNVGP. I plan to have that edited and put up on the site no later than tomorrow night, so keep an ear to the ground for that.




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