The First Episode of the Nerdgasm Podcast Has Arrived

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This is the first episode of the Nerdgasm podcast. Right now, as we are starting out, and getting everything set up, we are using an external hosting site. As such, we aren’t hosting the mp3 files on the main site to be available for download, making the episodes currently stream only. As we work everything out, however, we will start hosting stuff on the site for download, and allow subscription to RSS feeds.

Enjoy this first episode, however, and let us know what you think.

You can get a hold of us at and by leaving comments on this WordPress page.

General Episode Information:
Hosts: Ryan and Josh
Music: Omnishred (We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Sword) by Powerglove and Mods de Chocobo by Nobuo Uematsu
Topics: Nintendo 3DS Price Drop, Final Fantasy Tactics, Ubisoft’s DRM Policy, and more.

Corrections: Final Fantasy Tactics on the iPhone IS the PSP version but the topic is still the price point, not which version is available.


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